Stockton Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are arrested and facing a criminal charge you need to immediately contact a Stockton criminal defense attorney. While you may think a misdemeanor charge is not a big deal, the fact is that a conviction for a minor charge could create problems for you later including finding a job.

Criminal Defense Attorney’s and DUI

Even if you are charged with a DUI and you have taken a breath test and failed, you may think your only option is to plead guilty. This would be a mistake since the fact is a skilled attorney can discuss options including challenging the results of the test. Breath tests are notoriously inaccurate which can be caused by a system not being properly calibrated or because the officer administering the test has not been properly trained.

Stockton Misdemeanor Charges

A criminal defense attorney in Stockton will review the circumstances surrounding your arrest and determine what steps to take next. In some cases, there may be circumstances that allow your attorney to have charges dismissed or reduced. Even if you believe the charges against you are minor, you need to have an attorney to protect your rights. Remember, the prosecutor will continue to investigate the charges against you and may try to file enhanced charges. You could also say something to a law enforcement officer which can be used against you later.

Stockton Felony Charges

Felony charges in California are prosecuted aggressively. In some cases, you may find out you are suspected of being involved in a murder or other egregious crime. Even if you are a suspect, and not facing immediate charges, you should still contact a criminal defense attorney. Suspects are usually questioned extensively by law enforcement officers and you have the right to have an attorney present during that questioning.

Having an Attorney Is Important

One of the primary reasons you want to work with a criminal defense attorney in Stockton if you are facing criminal charges is to protect your rights. While a law enforcement officer will read you your rights, they may try to convince you there is no need to contact an attorney. Never subject yourself to any type of questioning without the benefit of legal help.

Whether you are facing a minor criminal offense, are facing charges stemming from a DUI incident or you have been informed you are suspected of murder contact a Stockton criminal defense attorney at Law Office of Gregory R. Davenport at (209) 955-1999. We serve victims all over California including Stockton, Lodi, Ripon, Tracy, San Joaquin County, Stanislaus County and Sacramento County.

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